Sunday, August 12, 2007

Wearing the Pirate Band Aid

Today I started about 10 am working on the outside chores I didn't get to or didn't finish yesterday. Some of it was pretty mundane, like sweep the stairs, and took very little of my time. The part that took far longer than I expected was finishing up putting in watering systems for a couple of garden spaces. What I thought would take a couple of hours took--let's put it this way. I had to use a flashlight to check my work. So I didn't get to mulch today. So what!? You gonna say something about it, punk? Boy, the nerve of some people.

Because I was working intensively and trying to get things done quickly, I suffered some superficial injuries including a dashed cut on my finger where something sharp (I still don't know what it was--blackberry thorn?) skipped across my skin like a rock skipping on water, leaving a bloody wake. I washed my hands, put on some antibacterial ointment and a pirate band aid and went back to work. Arrrrrrrrr, avast ye bleeder!

But things got done and stuff looks good. Rory did a huge amount of weedwacking today (yes, there was even more than the huge amount that got done yesterday) and the outside looks really spiffy. Spiffy is a precise, technical term and I don't use it lightly. I wouldn't say it looked spiffy around here unless I really meant it.

There was a minor technical setback, alas. For some reason several of my nice, expensive glass and metal solar lights that were bought at great expense stopped working. Grrrrr! They've gone from useful to merely decorative.

Pictures coming soon, I promise, but right now I have to sleep, and it's too dark to take pictures. I'll be working the next three days but eventually I'll get out there, snap a few photos and post them for the curious, the insane or the poetic.

It was a good day, but I have to say it's just not the same without having ice shoved down my shirt and stalking deer with my pals. And I didn't bleed yesterday--they did. Here's a glass to me mateys--arrrrr, I'll see ye scurvy seadogs at ABBB.


The Moody Minstrel said...

Pirate band-aid? Does it have a black spot?

Ris said...

Hey, Kami, check to see if your solar lights have a battery. Mine do. They might need changed.

Just a thought.

Can't wait to see the place next week!


KamiZM said...

Ar, no, the pirate band aid is covered in skulls and crossbones, as it should be. Not the black spot! (spit spit, turn counterclockwise)

I already checked the batteries. I popped out the rechargeable ones and put in a regular, covered the sensor. Nothing. So I replaced the rechargeable ones so the regular kind didn't blow up just in case the charger in the solar light is still working, and now I'm in a holding pattern. I wonder if the lightbulbs are replaceable. That seems to me to be the next logical problem. Maybe they got knocked over or jostled too much and the filament broke.

Alas, my poor lights!