Monday, September 17, 2007

Too many good things

After a feverish few days of putting together a bid to chair OryCon 30, Kai Jones aka snippy and I managed to dodge becoming chair and co-chair. If that makes no sense, bear in mind that very few who have taken on a major role in the convention do so again. Even more rare is the individual who chooses to chair a second time. I've seen aspects of the job, and they're no fun. So why in the world would I go for it? Because I knew of only one other bid, and that came in after I decided to put in a bid myself. When I first made the decision no one had stepped up, and if no one steps up, there's a serious possibility that there will be no OryCon.

Meanwhile, the writer's workshop deadline arrived and went, and along with that came the usual mad flurry of emails. I've spent more time in front of the computer today than I have in ages, and none of it has been spent writing. That twists my panties into a knot, but hey, I signed up for this. I have no one to blame but myself.

Which brings me to the third situation: easystreet, grr, has changed its email system. If you're reading this update my email to and pass the word along. There are some fabulous perks associated with this, the best being that I now have spam filtration and I haven't got a single piece of spam all day. The downside, major downside, is that I don't seem to be able to send out email, and for whatever reason Rory's email doesn't work at all despite my duplicating the changes I made to my account. In order to fully appreciate this problem consider that I can't email everyone in my address book to update their address books with my new email address because I CAN'T SEND OUT EMAIL!

So if you've emailed me and you haven't heard back, well, that's why. I've most likely gotten your email and have a response queued up in my Outbox.

I haven't found the end of my rope yet, but it seems like I have a lot of rope above me and I'm pretty sure there's not much left. Hopefully all these good things going on will eventually settle down and I can get back to what I love the most, well, second most--writing a good story. Okay, fourth most. Maybe even eighth most, because I love my dogs, even if they're playing that stupid you can't get me through the fence game *again*. And I love my cats too.

But you get the idea.


Ris said...

I emailed everyone on my list who you know and asked them to do the same. And gave them a heads up on the problem you are having at the moment with sending email. Hope that helps a little.

Good luck!

The Moody Minstrel said...

I'm not sure what e-mail program you're using (especially since you're Mac-wise), but we've had problems here in Japan with e-mail providers changing their access port to prevent hacking. You may want to double-check and see if you have to change your port setting manually.

With my own provider(s) it only seemed to be a problem if you were using Outlook (Express). I use Thunderbird, and the port change didn't seem to affect it. On the other hand, e-mail service to all our school computers wound up paralyzed until our provider explained the port change and told us how to reset it. word verification is "groan"!!!!!

Kai Jones said...

Changed my emails!

KamiZM said...

Thanks everyone for your patience and support! I'm temporarily using iCab for my web browser. It's version 2.9.9, and I thought that's the one I needed for my OS, but apparently I can use 3.0 so tonight I'll download that one and use it instead. This one works pretty well (hey, I can read some of the invisible fields!) but it still has frame issues and I think the newer version will have dealt with some of that. As for email, it took about 4 hours between 3 calls to get it sorted out, but looks like we're live with my email. now to get Rory's fixed--he can receive but he can't send. I'll just configure his to match mine and hopefully there won't be any more hiccups.