Monday, October 22, 2007

Picture Day

We had gorgeous sunshine so I took some pics inside while I could. Top of my list, of course, had to be:
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Dakota is a sad dog today. She misses her family. Maybe a bit of bacon will improve her spirits.

Wizard is comfortable enough with Dakota already that he rubbed up against her for snuggles. She jumped back because she's already been tagged by the vicious Huntress. I have a feeling Wizard and Dakota will become good friends.

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That's a DOG? Bwa ha ha ha ha ha! Good one. What is it really? I'm guessing a giant tribble, which only confirms that the other dogs are Klingons. I knew that all along.

Dakota is very leery and nervous of the other dogs, especially the puppies who are far too boisterous for her. We're not pushing her. She'll be inside dog and they'll be outside dog and there's no need for them to form a pack. I suspect though that eventually, when the puppies calm down (sometime in three or four years?) she'll actually enjoy time outside with them. For now, we're keeping them separate. Poor Brian wanted to play so bad, and licked her face, and jumped around and ran trying to get her to chase him, basically making an idiot of himself to get her to like him. Her response? Attempt to leave. I put him back in with the sea of unconditional love, where he told the other dogs how awesome she was. Heh.

Irish wolfhound lab mix? Hmm. I haven't had a good close look at an Irish wolfhound face in quite a while. To me her face screams terrier. Any alternate guesses?


Ris said...

My aunt and uncle raised two wolfhounds. She does indeed have their face. It is rather like a large terrier.

The other two characteristics I remember about them (other than that they were friggin HUGE) was the wiry hair and that their heads rare went above their shoulder line. They always had this slouching, loping look to them.

And they were oh so sweet. Mixing a wolfhound with a lab seems like a very good mix indeed.

Dakota's a lovely dog!

Kai Jones said...

Her face is pure wolfhound. See, e.g.,

Kami said...

Thanks! Heh. When you look at her in person with the whole lab body she seems unlikely, like two completely different animals were pasted together at the neck. She's lost a little weight (she'd packed a bit too much on due to lack of exercise--her previous owner had ankle surgery recently and couldn't exercise her daily as she'd been used to) so she looks less strange but still. The labrador sausage-like body and the lean, small head of the wolfhound--yep, that's our dog! The portrait I posted de-emphasized that because of the strong front angle. In that she looks perfectly proportional.

She's got an excellent disposition. I can't get over how easy she is. I'm liking the older dog thing.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Oh, no...a sad lady! There's just something about dogs with bushy eyebrows.

Kami said...

Yes, I too fell for the eyebrows! Aren't they great? Dog eyes are so expressive anyway and then the eyebrows take it one step farther.

Beast doesn't have expressive eyes. They're a complete blank most of the time. If it weren't for his eyebrows I'd wonder if he might not be operating with an insect rather than a mammalian brain. Ladybug springs to mind. Somehow he strikes me as a ladybug. Single-minded eating machine that loves to wander. But the eyebrows save him. Like glasses on my face, they lend an impression of intelligence, if you don't look too closely.