Monday, February 11, 2008

Chihuahua Boy

I haven't done a boy conversation in a while.

Boy:  "Hello."  Smiles at me.  
Me:  Look over my shoulder, smile back at him.  "Good morning."
Boy:  Stands there, arms crossed high on his chest.
Me:  Notices he's got goosebumps and he's trembling.  "Are you shivering like a chihuahua?"
Boy: Still smiling.  "Yeah."
Me:  "Put on a sweater."  I turn in my chair to face him.
Boy:  "Why?"
Me:  I have to pause to consider how to put this in terms he'll understand.  "Because you're cold."
Boy:  He thinks about this.  "What if I put on a hat?"
Me:  Maybe repetition will help.  "Or you could put on a sweater."

This morning he must be in an odd mood because he thought about it some more and then went to his room, presumably to put on a sweater.  Or I guess  he might have put on a hat, which would also work, but it would take a little longer.

Update:  He went to his room to read a comic book.

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