Thursday, October 01, 2009

Signing off, sadly

Last post before I head off to Kris and Dean's master's class on the coast.  This is not the departure I thought I'd have.  Brian is still not home.  Going to the shelter and stopping by local vets with fliers hit me again and again with the fact that an animal I love is missing, possibly hurt, possibly worse, maybe hypothermic and lost and scared and there's not a damned thing I can do about it.
The rest of the family will be on the lookout while I'm away.  Who knows?  He might turn up overnight, or tomorrow morning.  Every passing moment is another moment that Brian might find his way back to us.  
Adding to my grim feelings is a dream I had of Brian coming home.  I had similar dreams for every pet that's left this world.
This blog will be silent (or whispery at best) until October 18th.  I should have some interesting writing-related blogs when I get back.


selenew said...

I hope you have fun at your class! Work hard and learn lots too!

Kai Jones said...

Enjoy the inn, we did!

Lea said...

Have great fun at the retreat, Kami. I'll keep Brian in my thoughts.

Roseline Chang said...


I'm sorry that Brian is not coming back yet. I have a dog which ran away many times,and can't find home back. She was lucky she always hid some people's backyard. And, people who found her called us.

I hope he is fine, and will come home soon.