Saturday, September 11, 2010

Long days, and darkness comes sooner

We had a big day today, the boy, the girl and I.  At the end it doesn't seem like that much, but we're all pooped.  We barely got through it all--as the season turns the days grow noticeably shorter.  It already smells like autumn.

We got a shovel, bought three automotive belts on two trips (and returned two,) got a toilet part, and a shovel.

We installed the correct belt (finally) on the rototiller so that I could prep for leeks and kohlrabi (I know, I know, I'm about a month late.)  I managed to condition soil in a 20'x20' plot, which is a nice start, before it got too dark to work.  
I got the part into the toilet so that we'll have no more ghost flushes several times an hour.  Ah, silence.
And the boy and I cut down a not-insubstantial tree, both to thin our woods (for health, the tree was sick) and for firewood.  I'll mark more trees for thinning/firewood sometime in the next few days, with strict instructions not to cut them down w/o my supervision (with cell phone in hand in case there's an accident.)  One that I'm hesitating on has dead tips of branches all over it and dropped all around it on the ground, but it appears to be recovering.  It's a very nice-sized tree, so I would hate to lose it, but if in infects the others, well, I'll be a lot more sad.  I'll try to discover what ails it, but these things are notoriously tough to do.

Tomorrow will be another long day of hard labor, and then in the evening, writing!  But now, to bed, and my half-hour of reading.  My latest book:  How Not to Write a Novel.  I borrowed it from the library, and I'm really looking forward to reading it.


The Moody Minstrel said...

Your weekend sounds a lot like mine, but for different reasons. I was laid up for a week and then totally wiped out by our school's big, annual Foundation Festival.

Still, after it all gets done somehow, there's always that nice, warm, fuzzy sense of achievement.

"How Not to Write a Novel"? I could probably be an authority on that!

Kami said...

"How Not to Write a Novel" is hysterical. I think you'd love it. My DH stole it from me last night to tease me, and then ended up getting sucked into it and read it for about a half hour. I gave up trying to get it from him, since he was obviously enjoying it, and continued on Stephen King's "On Writing" (also good, and made me lol several times this morning when I did some reading prior to my shower.)