Monday, June 06, 2011

Work and Play

I'm trying to set up a new business and the details are crazy-making! I think I'm going to have to do a lot more research before I can figure out what it is *exactly* that I'll be doing with this.

Advice is welcome.

I had a wonderful time in Seattle. Our hosts were amazing and extremely hospitable. I had some amazing conversations over the weekend, and met a lot of fantastic people. Which reminds me: thanks to everyone there for weathering my sugar-crash on Saturday. I forgot what they felt like.

Note to self: No donut for Kami when she's hungry.

We have ongoing good weather, so I'll be out in the garden a lot. Good grief, the garden ... it either rains too much or not enough. I'm sure the seedlings are very confused, what seedlings I have. It's late, it's late, I've missed my very important garden dates, but it doesn't bother me. I'll plant anyway at this inauspicious time and see what happens.

Gardening would be boring if it turned out awesome every year. I guess that makes gardening something like gambling, and maybe that aspect is part of what makes it so addictive. The other parts? I can go on and on about how huge the peony blooms are this year, and the taste of fresh tomatoes and snow peas, the pleasure of picking fresh herbs to season our meat for dinner, etc.

Besides, I like playing in the dirt. It smells nice.


Joshkie said...

Any of the Rich Dad Advisor series of books is a good place to start. There is Business Plans for Dumbies and Business Plan Kits for Dumbies. None of these give you answers, but they make sure you ask all the right questions for you.

Rich Dad Advisor books:

1. "Writing a Winning Business Plan."
2. "OPM (Other Peoples Money)" is about getting financial backing.
3. "Owning your own Corporatio" is about protecting yourself legally.
4. "Protectong Your #1 Asset" is about protecting your intellectual property.

These books should get you asking all the right questions.


Andy said...

Hi Kami! Don't know if you remember me; I'm a friend of Kevin Maxfield's and you actually read some of my writing back in the 90's when I was first learning how to string words together (fyi, I'm still trying to figure that out...). Love your blog and I'm looking forward to becoming a regular here.

I've been an owner in two startups and I've been a founding team member of three more and the single best piece of advice I can give you is this: Don't forget to breathe. By that I mean, pace yourself, take breaks, and don't let the business own you once you really get moving on it. I'd be happy to share more thoughts with you once you run your ideas/challenges by us, and I'm interested to see where you're going. Good luck!

Kami said...

Thanks for the advice, both of you! I'm just finishing up with a breather, sort of (day job rather than focusing on the new biz stuff) and guiding the girl through graduation.

Welcome Andy! Kewl! I'm really glad you found me!