Friday, October 28, 2011

The End!

I've hit the end of Masks. Now to go back and add a couple of minor details, update some maps, finish the cover, and I'm done!

done done dunny done done I'm done! I'm done I'm done I'm done. Done done done.

Okay, now done looks like it's spelled wrong. But I don't care because I'm done!

I may have to put together a writer's clock. I'm thinking about something like this:

5 Why oh why?
10 I'm crazy
15 OMG, Fun!
20 What are dishes?
25 Out of underwear
30 Screeeeeech
35 Lost ... need ... map ...
40 Researching ...
45 Flying in the dark
55 OMG, Done!
12 Zzzzzz


Rory said...

Congratulations, love. I'm so proud of you!

Josh K. said...

So how soon is it going to be available to the general public???? Soon, Soon, Soon, Soon, Soon. Ok, now I'm being pushy.