Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Remember when you were a kid?

I'm at the coast working on book covers.  On the way, my DH and I were talking about hot lava.  Who didn't play games where if you touched the ground while going across the monkey bars or jumping from rock to rock or leaping from the swings (and many other things, probably some of which have been banned from playgrounds because they've been deemed unsafe and schools don't want to get sued because little Kami broke her arm) you fell into molten lava?  There was molten lava friggin' everywhere on the playground.  Talk about unsafe!  Sometimes we had hot lava in the living room and you had to leap from the sofa to the easy chair and then launch yourself into the hallway to make it to bed alive.

It was a great talk, and a fantastic warm-up for putting together my latest book cover project.  I giggled the whole time I worked on it.

It's good to be a kid sometimes.  Maybe even most times.  And then, once I cleared the molten lava hazards and finished playing with crayons, I got back to being an adult and had prime rib and wine for dinner followed by a cheesecake truffle for dessert.  Yum!

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