Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Happy Thanksgiving

I went for a walk tonight in Bend, Oregon.  The cold in the air had me gasping and my heart pounding.  It wasn't that chilly, but I'm used to warmer, damper weather so it stole my breath.  There weren't many people out.  I suppose everyone was getting ready for Thanksgiving, or they didn't want to deal with any crowds, real or imagined.
There's something extraordinary about the high desert.  Stark, desolate beauty gets mentioned a lot, but for me it's the way my desert-raised husband behaves.  He takes full breaths, and smiles, and laughs more readily.  In a place where it's tough for living things to scratch out a living, he thrives.
We're here with family, looking forward to feasting and spending time together.  I love our family, and the desert, and the stars, and the clear air that steals my breath.  And I love the way my husband comes to life in the desert.
It's good to be here in my home away from home.
Happy Thanksgiving.  May you be surrounded by love, life and joy.

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