Tuesday, December 04, 2012

Don't Be a Dork

Classic rookie flub up.

I had this great idea for a chapter in a book I'm working on and I forgot to write it down.  No prob, I thought.  This is such a great idea, I won't forget it.  For sure.

Well, I forgot it.  I know I had a great idea, but the actual contents are no longer in my brain.  Or, worse, the idea is stored someplace safe.  You know, the same way that I put something important somewhere safe and then I can't find it to save my life.


Speaking of classic rookie flub ups, if you wrote a Nanowrimo book this year (or part of one) for pity's sake back it up!  Off site!  Email it to yourself, or something.  Anything!

Because rewriting from scratch is no fun.

Unless you're doing it on purpose.  Then it's okay and it can be kinda fun just writing the good parts and forgetting the parts that are meh.

Still, that's a lot of work to kiss goodbye forever.

So, don't be a dork like me.  Write down your fantastic ideas, and back up your computer frequently, just in case.

This has been a public service message sponsored by me.

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