Tuesday, October 01, 2013

Bouncing Good Kangaroo Times

I didn't post about this at the time. Too much other stuff. But we had a wonderful, unique visitor to our little farm recently.

Yes, she is a for-real baby red kangaroo. She spends most of her time in her carry pouch. She's getting quite heavy. I got to lug her around for a while so her human mommy could take a break.

For the record, she is as soft as she looks. And she's very sweet and quiet. And she leaps! We would have let her run around with the goats, but we weren't sure how they'd react to each other, and if she got into the blackberries, we might never catch her. I think she would have leapt back into her pouch very quickly, but better to be safe than very, very sorry.

Besides, she'd be very lonely in the woods in the Pacific NW, with no other kangaroos to play with. I hope she'll visit again soon!


simonepdx said...

How wonderful! Is she being fostered for the zoo? She looks heavy to carry around for a human "mom."



Kami said...

Nope! She's their pet. Her human mom is quite strong, though she needs a break sometimes. I got to carry the baby kangaroo for fun for a short time. She is heavy, but not as heavy as you'd think, and her pouch is built well so the weight is distributed pretty well.