Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Blogger Issues

I'm trying to resolve some issues with Google/Blogger, and it's not going well. So if I disappear from here, that's why. I'll do my best to learn how to blog on my own real and actual website,, sometime soon! There will be pages related to travel, which will include trips to the beach in the Pacific NW, Scotland, and maybe (keep your fingers crossed for me) the British Virgin Islands!! I promise to take lots of pictures. Also soon to come on the website, my trips to Greece, Ireland, Victoria B.C., Gleneden Beach, pet drama, and stuff around the farm. It'll be much easier to navigate and explore via a website rather than viewing it all in blog form. But I will miss this.

I suppose I shouldn't give up hope. But right now I can only seem to access the blog through my old computer, and my old computer is going bye bye.

Thank you all for reading! I've been blogging since August 2005, and it's been a blast. I hope to keep going, if not here, than elsewhere. With the powers of the almighty and wonderful admin of my ISP, I may be able to archive and preserve this blog in another form someplace. This blog will probably not go anywhere, but ... nothing is forever, eh?

Take care, everyone, and thanks again for reading.


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Kai Jones said...

Still reading. :)