Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Reading like there's no tomorrow

I'm turning into a reading machine.  I take the reading I do for a certain award pretty seriously, and put effort into that, but now that I also have reading to do for a writing course, and I have a bunch of research reading to do, I'm under a lot of reading pressure.  

This is a good thing.

When I'm under pressure I accomplish a ton more than I otherwise would.  Yes, I lose sleep and I don't blog as much and I don't write as much, but all that effort poured into the goals helps.  The writing time I have is more precious, therefore I tend to focus more.  I tend to multi-task more.  Laundry?  On a busy day it goes in first thing in the morning.  Breakfast?  I can eat that at the dining table and read.  Bath?  I can read in the bathtub.  Need to go out on an errand?  I can go work out on the same trip and get some exercise in so that my metabolism peps up and I can work faster.

I can't be like this all the time, but for now it's working.  Eventually I'll return to my steady plod and relax a bit, at least until the next time-pressure event arrives.  Those show up on a regular basis.  Life is anything but dull.  As far as getting anything specific done (like artwork for a book cover, ahem) I will get it done ... in my so-called copious spare time.

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Melissa said...

Hmmmmm...I wonder what that artwork might be? Maybe mermaid related? LOL