Wednesday, April 08, 2009

The List Continues

I didn't get as much done as I wanted, but I felt that writing after dinner was important, since I didn't do writing the whole rest of the day, and that went on until the bedtime meltdown.  I can't go into too much detail because it's about the girl, but I will say that autism continues and will always continue to affect her life.  The focus of the meltdown was a change from the norm.  She's learned to cope with all kinds of changes, but a brand-spanking new one that she has never dealt with before in another form, that threw her.  No basis of comparison.  She was so shaken up by it, she couldn't sleep.  

The child who can sleep regardless of what's going on at the same precise time every day, even weekends (she does love her routine) couldn't sleep.  

It actually felt really good to play mom in a way I haven't played mom in a long time.  I got her to do three things.  First, develop a mantra.  Hers was, "I don't have to do this if I don't want to."  (The change was an optional thing.)  Second, warm glass of milk, and we talked about the biology behind that.  Third, pick up a book she's read before and loves, and give herself some time to read quietly while the effect of the warm milk take over.

Worked like a charm.

I'm curious how the first airplane thing will work out.  Really well, I think, because she'll be surrounded by familiarity.  She's been to the airport several times.  She's had fair warning, months of it, so she can work it out slowly.  She's going to be with me and her brother, always comforting even when we bug the crap out of her.  And she's studied our destination extensively, with added bonus that we'll be meeting my DH there.  So it'll all be good.

Onward to the poopyheaded list:

done Dishes
done Laundry (especially bedsheets and workout clothes)
done Pack for Norwescon
Finalize itinerary for Ireland (taking with me)
Book the castle stay (at Norwescon)
Put books together if I have time (not gonna happen)
done Practice reading Inner Skull for Norwescon
done Pack bag for workout tomorrow and put in car
done Put Norwescon bags and booze in car
done Get kids to clean catboxes thoroughly
done Put garbage out to curb in the evening

That should have me set for this weekend.  Then it'll be on to next week, which will be probably the busiest and most stressful week of my life, followed by pure and absolute bliss bliss bliss.

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Anonymous said...

My husband used to look up the type of airplane our son (who has Asperger's) would be flying on and print out the seat layout and any other info he could find about it. He would then mark his seat on the printout if it was already assigned. It was neat, because he knew where he would be sitting in relation to the wings, knew if he has an aisle or window seat, etc.

This really seemed to help calm him (the son) a lot.

The kid is grown now and recently relocated 1200 miles away, driving all my himself! We are so very proud of him.

Have a wonderful trip!