Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Still Sore

I'm still sore, but recovering.  Once I get moving, I'm fine.  It's just the getting moving in the first place after, say, sitting for five seconds.  That's way too much staying still, apparently, and the legs refuse to work without shouting chants like "hell no we won't go!" and waving banners and generally putting up a fuss.

Tough, I say.  Time to get back to work.

Oh, and you legs are not getting fed today.  It's a fast day.  I don't want to hear anymore whining--this happens every other day, it's not like it's a surprise or anything.

Huge to-do list today, and I was tempted to put it online, and then I thought no, it would be boring and dumb, and then I thought hey, accountability, and then I thought no one gives a darn about accountability, and then I thought no one cares about all my personal stuff anyway so why do I bother blogging, which wrapped me back around full circle to the people who are at least vaguely interested in my life check in here and might be interested in a dumb list so might as well post it:

done Workout
done Redraft cover art so the shell looks less like a spine and the ear is lower
done Mail box 
         and manuscripts
done Make photocopies onto kewl paper
Laundry (especially wash bed sheets)
Start packing for Norwescon
Finalize some sort of itinerary for Ireland
Pick a castle and book a night there
Build twelve front and back book covers from photocopies
done Buy office supplies
Practice reading Inner Skull for Norwescon
Pack bag for workout tomorrow (decided to skip workout to get stuff done)
done! Garden if there's time (yeah, right)
done Write after dinner
done Ack, almost forgot--shop for my mom's birthday present
I'll mark things I got done if I have time, or relist tomorrow so y'all can see how lame I am.  Today, that's literally lame.  [limps off to start list]

Here's the final (reverse) image of the cover I'm doing--it's meant to be coloring book style so that people can personalize their book covers.  My scan bed is out of touch with my confuter, so this is a photobook image.  Just as well ... less likely that the author of Russet Noon will steal it like she stole the cover art of the book she will fail to produce.  Oops, was I snarky just now?  Oh well.

I'm leaving the rest of the list for tomorrow.


Melissa said...

Kewl cover! I love it!

Kami said...

Yay I'm glad!! You're the one I've gotta please, after all!