Saturday, September 05, 2009

All about bottoms and/or hinds

We've been doing housework, the crazy kind where you get into back corners and discover things are living there.  Brings to mind Tolkien's dwarves in the mines of Moria.  They delved too deep and awoke Durin's Bane, the balrog.  The things at the bottom are downright scary.

Rory has taken on the bedroom.  There the ancient tombs hold precious cloth, now rotted by time, and treasures long forgotten.  I think he's mostly, if not all done in there.  I'm glad he took care of some of those ... things ... he found.  I'm afraid!

I'm working in my office, which has been gone over before a few times, but I'm getting rid of paperwork and that means a time-consuming slog through boxes and bags of to-be-done-later stuff, which has transformed to to-be-done-now boxes and bags.  Among the tomes and dusty parchment she searches for mention of the One Ring ...  and I've barely gotten started.  I've already sent up several boxes and bags of paperwork to burn, but the office doesn't look much changed.  It just goes on and on.  And there are spiders.  Lots and lots of spiders.  Well, not that many, but for me more than two is a lot.

Beast, at one point during a short break, managed to open the front door and came in.  He ran around happily until we caught him and decided it would be a good time for a brushing.  Rory wrestled him to the ground and showed him who was boss while the girl and I scrubbed him all over with a brush.  Then he got to run around some more as a reward before we booted his freshly-groomed hind outside.  Two dogs down (Brian got a good brushing the other day,) Finn to go.  But first, back to the quest.

Mixed in with all this domestic duty is the never-ending programming thing and writing deadlines.  They're coming at me from all sides!  If it weren't for the clean up project around here, I'd have a flat hind and wrists swollen to twice their normal size.  I hope I'll have time to go for a walk or something tonight.  Yesterday we went shopping, but that isn't the same kind of walking around.  That's the kind that makes you grumpy, rather than the kind where you feel easy and pleasantly sore and your lungs feel clean down to their bottoms.  Or hinds.  It's all about hinds today, I guess.

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