Thursday, September 03, 2009

The first board

The Sea of Unconditional Love (aka the barbarians, our outside dogs) had dug out a corner post for our porch at one point, so that the front porch sank about a foot on one side.  Normally this would cause blue flames to shoot out of my eyes, etc. but as the porch had been in iffy shape when we bought the house eight years ago and time hasn't improved on it, I expected we'd just take the thing apart, salvage what we could for various projects, and eventually build a new, smaller one on whatever bones remained (after jacking and resetting that corner, or possibly building from stone, our original plan waaaay back when we first saw it would need to be replaced sooner rather than later.)

Procrastination being what it is, I've been working on other things.  I cringed every time I stepped out to water my plants, because this set my weight on some particularly soft boards, and I knew eventually I would just fall right through.  

Well, never fear no more, because about 12:45 am today, Beast decided to get stuck under there.  I'm not sure how he managed it.  I suspect, judging by the hair, he got stuck by an exposed nail (this porch was never put together particularly well in the first place) and couldn't get out.  So I grabbed a crowbar and rescued him.  The first board I lifted did the trick and he escaped.

So now the first board has been moved.  I'm not replacing it.  Nope, we'll just keep on a'goin'.  

We may end up building this SOB from stone anyway.  We can gather stone for free.  Wood is expensive.  We'll still need to buy mortar, but hopefully that won't be as bad as decking materials.

If it's not one thing it's another.  I don't know why.  As we all know, there's never anything to do around here!

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