Thursday, March 18, 2010

Professional Confession

Expect more gaps in blogging as good weather continues.

My DH and I are still finding our feet when it comes to this whole full-time self-employed thingy. Right now we have cushion, so everything feels 'normal' but there's this ongoing low-level anxiety, at least for me. When the cushion goes away, then what? Can we sustain ourselves without the relative security of an employer and a steady paycheck?

My DH got an official business license, and we have a business money account now. It's strange, being one step closer to 'official.' I'm conducting my writing business as a business as well, applying professional practices to something that a lot of folks go about as a hobby. Not that writing for a hobby is bad, or somehow lesser! Gawds no. I think there are a lot of really excellent writers out there who have no intention of making their main living as writers. I think some of the writing part-timers produce is better than stuff put out by full-time, professional writers. But that's not what I'm aiming for.

Like any other self-employment or private business, we're at the mercy of market forces, meaning people. Sometimes it's hard to remember that this isn't about people liking us or not liking us. It's about having something to offer that people want to buy. A not-so-subtle difference that emotionally doesn't always reach the heart of things. I'm getting to the point where rejections aren't a big deal, but at the same time the little voice in the back of my head hasn't shut up yet. You know the one. She didn't like my story. She doesn't like meeeeeee!

Stupid voice.

Anyway, I'm anxious, but also excited at the possibilities ahead of us.

In gardening news, gardening is happening at top speed. Also, I applied to one of my all-time favorite nurseries for work. Wish me luck!

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