Monday, March 29, 2010

The Windy Adventure of the Day

The wind ate my walk-in greenhouse last night.

I knew there'd be some damage as I listened to the storm rage last night. The roaring wind actually woke me several times. It seemed to peak in the wee hours before dawn, and then softened into heavy rains and hail.

I woke up to the sight of the heavy cover drooping with water, half off the disassembled frame, with broken connectors littering the deck. Imagine my shock and amazement as I tallied the toll.

dwarf banana
indoor lilies
All the artichoke and cardoon starts
most of the asparagus starts
tulips (innocent bystanders that the greenhouse shifted onto) (and not one bud broken!)
most of the seed-start soil I just potted up last night
most of the peat and plastic starting pots
four start trays
all the shelves
the entire metal part of the framework
the cover (no rips!)
most of the connectors
1 crystal vase (I stuck it out there to deal with the rose stems in it later)
1 metal candlelamp and candle
2 partial bags of seedling start soil

1 asparagus seedling
2 peat pots
1 start tray
9 plastic connectors
A little bit of seedling start mix

I feel very, very fortunate. Every time I found an unbroken plant or a seedling on its side still in one piece, I cheered. This could have been much, much worse, especially since I was on the verge of planting a bunch of tomato, pepper, basil and petunia seeds, some of which were rare varieties that cost me a bit extra to buy.

Now I'm awaiting word to see if I can get replacement connectors. I contacted the manufacturer using their info email. If I can't get new connectors, I'm not sure what I'm going to do. We've tried hardware stores with no luck. The piping fits 1/2" cpvc joints, but they don't come in enough variety of shapes (many are 4 and 5 way connectors) and even if they did, they don't have as long arms as the existing connectors.

Suggestions are welcome! I do know that if it comes down to just getting a new greenhouse, I'll probably just build a frame of wood that fits the cover and surviving shelving and put it somewhat less conveniently on the ground instead of the deck. The advantage of the deck being that I can run electricity into there, like heat lamps.

Sigh. But it's all good.

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