Thursday, June 24, 2010

Will Editors Finally Get the Recognition They Deserve?

So tired ....

The chicken coop isn't done yet, but I'm hoping that we'll put the finishing touches on it today.

In writing news, this article about the much-hoped-for (by newbie writers) demise of the traditional publishing has been making the rounds.  I agree with it strongly.  As a writer that also reads, and has read my share of manuscripts by writers just starting out in the craft, I weep at the thought of having little or no gatekeeper available when I visit a bookseller, be it online or in a bookstore.  If nothing else, I'm hoping that bookstores will continue to insist that the books that line their shelves come through the traditional publishing houses.  

Don't get me wrong.  I have a bunch of writer friends who are excellent authors, and I would read their stuff regardless of how it's published.  The key is, I know about them and their writing already.  If I had to wade through some of the dreck that's out there to find them?  Sorry, I have no intention of becoming a slush reader.  

I think that the article did miss one thing, though.  I believe out of this growing mess, there will be small e-publishers that will arise and truly shine.  There are folks out there that were born to be editors, but never went to Brown University and/or didn't want to move to New York to work their way up through the ranks.  As readers discover these small publishers with editorial talent, the readership and publishers will grow together.  

I think one of the really great things that will come out of this is that readers might finally become aware of the wonderful unsung heroes in this biz--the editor.  I wouldn't want that job.  I really wouldn't want that job.  Seriously.  I would burn out on reading incredibly fast, and might never want to read outside my job ever again.  Except maybe I'd read non-fiction if I was a fiction editor, and visa versa.  Anyway, here's a big thank you from a reader to the editors out there.  Thanks for throwing yourself on that grenade so that I can be reasonably assured of a reasonable read when I pick up a book or a magazine that perks my interest.

Now, back to the chicken coop projekt.  Ugh.

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