Thursday, March 03, 2011

The milestones, they are ganging up on me

We had the boy overnight for the first time since he moved out to the big metro area (to look for work.) So of course he gets his first call for an interview ...

First real interview.  How kewl.  Wish him luck!  If he gets this job it'll be a great entry-level one that will teach him a lot about working and wages and all that good stuff.  It's a huge step, even bigger than living someplace other than home.  There's so much stuff about working for someone that I take for granted that he's going to have to learn for himself.  

Assuming he gets the job, of course.  I'm really proud he even got an interview, considering how the economy is these days.  I don't know how many places I applied for and got nada, even though I have quite a bit of retail experience.

Another milestone.  They're coming in faster these days.  And soon now, the girl will be graduating.  Eeeeeeee!


Joshkie said...

I don't want to congratulate him just yet, but god knews good news.


Kami said...

We should know in a relatively few-ish number of days. I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

Kai Jones said...

It's an adventure, having adult kids! My oldest, wife and kids are moving to B.C. in the fall for grad school; we all need to get passports, them for the move and us for visiting.