Saturday, March 05, 2011

One step forward, unknown # of steps back

@ McMenamins w/the girl and DH. Love.

I worked out really hard today, so naturally I had to have a big piece of cake after my salad lunch (I was all puffed up with virtue until I ate the cake) and then I had a pint of hard apple cider.

Getting in shape balance ... I figure I'm about even, but only because I sweated extra hard.

Actually, my waist measurement has improved, even if my weight hasn't budged.

That's enough whining for now, I guess. I'll try being good again tomorrow, maybe by eating another salad for lunch. This time I won't have cake.



Joshkie said...

I don't know where we got this silly idea of weight as a measure of health. If you lose 8lbs. of body fat and gain 8lbs. muscle. Your statement saying, "Actually, my waist measurement has improved, even if my weight hasn't budged." is a good indication that this is the case.

How you feel, your energy level and BMI is a better indicator of your health than stepping on a scale. I like to keep my BMI between 8 and 18%.

I'm not a health professional, but in MHOP weight by itself is a poor indicator of health; which, I assume improving ones health is the whole point.

Sounds like you are on the right track,
Josh :-)

Kami said...

Yeah, I figure I'm doing okay. Still, I'm a lot heavier than I used to be when I played on a regular basis. I'm even heavier than my 'cutoff' weight when I used to maintain a kind of plump stasis when I wasn't working out much. I have a lot of muscle mass compared to most women, but I know it's not muscle mass around my waist right now. :-P So I'll keep at it until it's much, much better.