Friday, January 04, 2013

Work work work

I've got one of those colds that tends to kick my butt.  No coughing (yet) but a sore throat, headache, low-grade fever, runny nose, and I can't sleep.  Hence the post 1am post.

I did get a lot of work done, though.  House of Goats by Tammy Owen is now available in print!  That was a big step, a first for Wyrd Goat Press.  Horrible Stories I Told My Children by Ron Ellis will be available soon, maybe even before the end of the month.  That one is pricey because it's illustrated and in full color.  It should be super-awesome, though.  Maybe Wyrd Goat will put out a b&w edition.  I'll have to think about that.

So next in the cue are Violence: A Writer's Guide, and I have to produce some illustrations for a Rory Miller manual of drills.  I must be wicked because apparently there's no rest for me.  That's probably a good thing, but one of these days I'd like to get back to writing, y'know?

But first, sleep.  I hope I'm finally tired enough to do that.  That would be super-awesome.  Because I'm pooped.  Exhausted.  Weary.  Drained.  Constitutionally challenged.  Drooping.  Sleepy.  Tuckered out.  Dragging ....

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