Friday, April 12, 2013

Color Addiction

I have a new addiction. An art addiction. A color addiction.
ColourLovers hooked me up and now I can't stop. I don't want to stop. I feel alive, I feel free, I feel a little crazy and it's oh so good. I got to name some colors! It makes my little heart go pitter pat.

In all seriousness, just when I thought I had things figured out, I realized I was in the dark. Again. Still. So even though I've read all kinds of stuff about color theory, apparently I don't know jack and I need to get up to speed. This website is going to help me.

I hope.

Anyway, it's really fun, and I'm learning a lot. Be careful if you visit, though. You might stay, and start chasing the dragon's colorful scales just like me.

Color by COLOURlovers

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