Friday, April 26, 2013

Important Writer's Workshop at Orycon

For the writers out there (and spread the word please):

Every year at Orycon there's a quiet little writer's workshop thing that goes on, usually with very few people hearing about it. This is a great workshop with almost but not quite one-on-one time with some great pros. The pros that participate change from year to year depending on who volunteers and who can make it. Anyway, usually there's two, maybe three people and two pros per session. That could always change, but so far there's been very personalized attention from people who really know their stuff.

This year, as most years, there's a $10 fee, plus you have to have an Orycon membership. Considering all the writing-related panels Orycon puts on, this is a serious bargain for anyone who wants to pick up good advice on writing techniques and the publishing industry. Plus! Anne Bishop (author)! Larry Elmore (artist)! Liz Gorinsky (editor at Tor Books)!

For more information see this announcement here put up by the organizer, and the Orycon website. If you buy your membership now, you'll save considerably over the at-the-door membership charge.

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