Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Looking for work and working for looks

I think my exam thingy went well today.  There was a math component, and a detail focus test, and filing, and stuff.  I didn't finish first, but I was one of the early ones to leave.  There was only one problem that really bothered me.  I came up with an answer that wasn't one of the multiple guess.  After I finished everything else, I stared at it some more, and still couldn't sort it out.  So I figure I got that one wrong.  I just need 70% to pass, so I didn't stress over it.  It just bugs me because of the principle of the thing.  Next stage will be the verbal interview thingy in a couple of weeks.  I'd better get some laundry done before then.

In other news, I've been working on tidying and organizing the house some more.  I'm actually starting to see progress.  I also got some writing done.  I'm hoping that very soon I'll have time to post about Ireland, and put some stuff into a memory book about it, and start on that article that I've been doing too much thinking and too little writing about.  Ideally I should have written it while I was over there.  20/20 butt sight.

And here's a reminder to check out what your local high school drama department is doing.  Support a good cause, and let the high school kids wow you with what they've accomplished at their young (but very mature, they assure me) age.


The Moody Minstrel said...

Maybe that question was a Kobayashi Maru Scenario, so to speak; there was no correct answer. It was a test of character.

(It never hurts to dream...)

You've certainly managed to keep yourself on the go, haven't you?

Kami said...

I have! Sadly, I've goed myself (goad? heh) into a bad back ...