Friday, May 08, 2009

Lists: Loves and Misses

I'm sleeping well (except one incident with sleep walking--haven't done that since I was a kid!) and I'm on local time, but I'm a bit draggy today.  Just a quick post before I start putting up more stuff 'bout Ireland.

Ten things I love about being home:

*Friends are a local phone call or a short drive away!
*Yay kitties!
*Yay dogs!
*The garden--she is blooming!  And I can weed!
*I'm totally motivated about cleaning house.  Weird, but I'll take it.
*Dinner and a movie every night (we often watch videos during dinner)
*My very own laundry room with my very own soaps!
*I can turn around without bumping an elbow in my shower and there's two shower heads.  Ahhhhh ...
*I can meet with  my writer's groups again.
*I can cook my own meals!

Ten things I miss:
*My DH
*Being with my whole family every day
*Stone circles and dolmens (and speculating about bored gaelics with too many rocks about)
*Having a pint with my DH and kids
*Listening to local wisdom, especially when it's unwise
*Good bacon (and black and white pudding, and irish sausage)
*Lamb as a regular option on restaurant menus
*No dishes or dusting
*Chasing unfamiliar birds with my camera

Twelve Great Moments:
*Castle bedroom antics (and other antics but I won't use up the whole list for that)
*Seeing the Cliffs of Moher from the sea
*DH's expressions while having a pint at The Crow's Nest
*Running around Cahir Castle until after closing (oops)
*Roaming Ashford Castle grounds, especially the gardens
*Being terrified of the roads to Moll's Gap--and then not terrified after the sun came out
*Sunning (and getting sunburned) on the black rocks on Inisheer
*Rock shop shopping spree
*Distracting Irish wolfhounds from their mission
*Dunmore cave--the creepy learning where people met their fate at the hands of Vikings
*Watching falconry students walk their hawks
*Pony trek around Inisheer (I sure loved that island)

Five great meals:
*Dinner at Markree
*Dinner at Davenport Hotel in Dublin
*Lunch where I had that amazing thick slab of cod--hopefully I'll remember where soon
*Dessert/coffee at Moll's Gap
*Breakfast just about every south coast B&B

Honorable mention to the Rogue Brewery Pub at the Portland Airport -- you guys always rock and I couldn't resist giving a nod even though that wasn't in Ireland


The Moody Minstrel said...

And I'll close with one last heavy (green) sigh...

Kami said...

Not green!

The Moody Minstrel said...

Orange, then? ;-)

Kami said...

... something of that jealous complexion. :-)

I do loves me some Shakespeare!