Friday, July 03, 2009

Background Check

You know, I've forgotten some really important things.  Like, I was in a serious car accident on my birthday in 2001.  How could I have forgotten that?  

I remembered (or half-remembered, or decided that knowing was kind of like remembering) a lot of things while filling out the thick background check packet.  Like, I still have my Oregon driver's license number memorized.  And, I apparently had a student ID number at the university I went to.  I always thought it was just my soc. sec. #.  I got to see how many credits I actually completed when I studied physics.  Ouch.  And, I took more classes than I thought I did in horticulture before the dizzy spells from hell forced me to drop out.  I really couldn't drive safely like that.  

Anyway, back to the car accident, I ran into a sorcerer.  Literally.  His house was just a couple of blocks away.  He walked me to his place, a beautiful historic landmark btw, and got me water and let me sit long enough for the shakes to settle a bit, and showed me his library of arcane books.  He gave me some that he had duplicate copies of.  One of them, Riding the Horse Backwards, turned out to be a fascinating read.  Some of the others looked like important books, but they were dry and difficult to read.  I started a few, but didn't finish them.  Some were essentially recipe books and aren't meant to be read cover to cover.

I sent all this stuff, each bit of data a reminder of my past, in an envelope marked confidential along with a notarized statement that everything I submitted there was true to the best of my knowledge.  The best of my knowledge is pretty poor, but thanks to a lot of research, I think it represents the skeleton of truth.  It's up to the researching officers to put flesh on those bones.  But flesh and bones will not reveal me.  For that, they'll have to talk to me face to face.  That's one of the best ways to get to know a person.  Once you find out whether or not they're related to a human predator or if they've been arrested for prostitution or whatever, that is.  

Much as I like to get to know folks face to face before I can say I know them, I have to admit that there are some seriously good liars out there that could shine me on forever and I'd never know it without a background check.  Now I'm going to be under a magnifying glass.  I wonder what else they'll turn up that I've forgotten?


Molly said...

I take it this is for a job? Whatcha gonna be when you grow up? er - when you get the fab job and everyone thinks you growed up. I mean, when they realize your brilliance (and lack of significant criminal record), and beg you to take the job that has been waiting for someone with your exact qualifications?

Love ya - good luck.

Kami said...

I'm hoping to work for Clark County Sheriff as a support specialist (aka records or office monkey)

Maureen said...

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background check said...

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