Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Weather and Glass

My sleep schedule has turned around with the weather.  I woke up at 4am.  I may have to take a siesta today, though.  Good time of year for it.  Sleep through some of the heat of the day.

Having an early-to-rise sleep schedule is good news.  I typically get more work done inside and out.  I anticipate much writing, and I'm going to work out while I can still have the door open and the fan on full blast.  Working out indoors any time after 8am is really not a good idea, and outside after about noon is a distinctly bad idea.  Yesterday some of the paved areas I drove through were at about 105 degrees F.  I write less and more poorly when I haven't exercised, so making sure I get exercise in is important.  I watch the clock now and get upset with myself when I fail to slip the exercise in and have to wait until the next day due to heat load.  I suppose I could just do yoga.  

Speaking of working out, I'd been resisting even simple walking for a couple of days because I thought I'd bruised my foot when I got a cut from what I thought was a rock, running around with the dogs on a river trip.  The pain was quite sharp and localized and it aggravated me that I was limping with such an otherwise minor injury.  Turns out there was a piece of glass stuck in my foot.  I pulled it out last night--ahh, sweet relief!--and put some antibiotic ointment on it.  This morning my foot feels great.  The boy provided first aid on this one.  I thought it would be good practice for him, and I was right.  I'll have to let him know that when he cleans a wound out he should take a really close look at it, especially when the patient says something.  You know, like, it feels like there's a splinter in there or something.  Do you see anything?

It's only six a.m. now and I can feel already that it's time to close up the downstairs.  In another hour I'll have to close up the upstairs too.  The heat load we're carrying in the attic won't be reduced appreciably with these warm-ish nights, so I expect that the upstairs will be warmer at the end of the day each day until this weather breaks.  It's one of those infinite money kinds of things.  If I had the $$$, I'd have someone install an automatic fan up there to help vent out the heat at night.  But, so long as we have our lovely daylight basement where it stays about 70 degrees without AC, I don't have anything to really gripe about.  We're lucky to have an area to retreat to.  I really feel badly for people in upstairs apartment buildings without AC!

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