Wednesday, July 01, 2009

The Day in Pics

Sometimes I clean. Yes!  It's true. 

No, seriously.

Shut up!

Okay, this time I have proof.  With massive help from the boy and a little IKEA shopping trip, I replaced the falling-apart wire shoe container of doom with a sofa table that's just perfect for tucking away our gizillion shoes that we wear on a regular basis.  I don't even want to think about what we've got put away.  Why do we have so many shoes?  Back in the day, people were lucky to have two pair--one for working in and one for Sundays.
 Anyway, moving on ... this morning when I found myself at loose ends, did I get in some serious writing?  No.  (I did send out a story, though.)  Did I eat bon bons and watch movies?  Too easy.  I decided to tackle the evil kitchen cabinets from heck.  I got the one under the sink with the garbage all prettied up, and then tackled the really nasty one that the girl and I toss whatever won't fit anywhere else into.  Some of the stuff in back was dusty, and there was flour in there from way back when I had to store a large sack of flour in there temporarily.  It was bad, waaaay bad, but now look how Stepford wifey it looks!  Yay!

It was too gorgeous not to go outside after my forays into the yuck of my two worst cabinets, so I went out, first for a stroll, then with a camera because the late afternoon sun was just too good, and the sky ... well, you can see, it was ugly.

The heart is a calla lily.  I hope that eventually the lilies will take over one side of the firepit.  Burgundy clematis trail up a trellis (with bonus tiny image of goat in there.)  Clematis are difficult to establish and hate being transplanted, but once they're yours they're yours forever and are some of the most rewarding and reliable bloomers in the plant world. 
A bug enjoys the shade inside a canterbury bell.  
And no, I'm not going to kill the bug.  I don't care!  Look how cute the little antennae are.  I mean, really.  And if it had a face, I'm sure it would be an innocent face.

Last but not
 least, the catness, It Runs in Front of Me (Katherine,) posed for me.  Y'all may recall the sad story of IRiFoM.  Thrown out of a moving vehicle, she hit the pavement hard enough to scrape up her face.  She took refuge from the snow and sleet (literally, this was a couple of winters ago) in our garage.  
The boy mistook her for Huntress, our other tuxedo kitty, picked her up and, when she didn't protest, took her inside where she's been ever since, except when we take her to the vet.  That she doesn't like so much.  But this?  Napping in the middle of a pile of clean blankets and pillows ain't bad.  She's shiny, a healthy weight, and has no problems with parasites or chronic illnesses.  I like her because she doesn't barf on my stuff and she actually uses the litter box.
Speaking of which, the cleaning around the shoe area?  OMG.  Cat barf had actually splashed onto the wall.  I was scrubbing Huntress upchuck across two large surfaces.  She'd decided to go for it from the top of the dividing wall between the entry and the stairs.

Stupid cat.  But it's clean now, so it's all okay.  And that, ladies and gents, has been my day.  So far.


C.S. said...

Boy, that's a really tiny goat you got there. And how'd you get it to hang from that black hoop thing? ;)

Yay for cleaning (spoken like a true clean-aholic).

Sarah Jensen said...

I need to do that with my cabinets! That looks great.
and I love the picts!

I wanted to stop by and thank you for your crits on Flogging the Quill for me. They helped a ton!
I've posted a revised version in the comments and would love to know what you think.

Kami said...

CS--The trick with the goat is to get a good look at it while you're far away, turn around and approach it backwards while chanting oowa loola woona soowa and then you turn around when you get to it and it'll be the same size as it was when you were far away. It's hanging from a tiny harness--never put a collar on a goat, they'll choke themselves.

Sarah: I'm glad my comments helped! I'll have a look at the revised version as soon as I get a chance.

The tubs turned out better than I thought they would. I took measurements of the spaces, and looked for clear tubs (so I could see what's inside them to an extent) that were about the right width and length, and about half the height. That turned out to be a good size. They're easy to slide in and out, and yet most of the time I don't have to slide them out to get something or put something away.

The Moody Minstrel said...

Cats are definitely the anathema of household cleanliness! With all the shedding, barfing, spraying and/or oopsies (or intentional, urinary revenge), scattered cat food and kitty litter, chewed up plants, torn up paper or cloth items, etc., you'd think they were designed to turn homes into a living hell.

And I wouldn't trade 'em for anything!