Wednesday, August 26, 2009


It's Wednesday already?  Really?  Yikes!

We're gearing up for ABBB.  I've got my list and I'm checking it twice.  

Adventures of the Bug World:  I saw a couple of birds fighting over what I thought was a leaf.  Hmm, odd thing to fight over, and it's not nesting season--and then the leaf skittered in a wind that didn't exist.  And leapt and flipped.  I went to investigate.  It was a praying mantis!  It was pretty riled up, wings cockeyed in every direction, legs splayed, and slightly flattened so that it could cling closer to the ground.  Truth be told I thought it had been squished.  But I offered it my keys and it came along for a ride from the Home Depot parking lot where I found it, all the way home, where it's now on some tall stonecrop making like a leaf.  

They're my favorite bugs.  Awesome.  Now that I know how they puff up to make themselves big and low profile at the same time, I think they're even more awesome.


C.S. said...

Good for you! That was incredibly nice. Karma, baby.

selenew said...

Now it's Friday! Is there anything you need for tomorrow?