Thursday, August 13, 2009


Recovering is kind of an odd word if you think about it.  In reference to life and living, it makes it sound as if covering is the normal state--both in the sense that you're doing everything that has to be done (or that you're doing stuff for other people, or maybe covering for yourself, but not actually doing what you want and love,) and a strange metaphorical sense that life is a facade, a cover, for something else that's more real.  Or maybe it's a combative thing--you're defended, your targets covered.  I could look at the etymology but it's more fun to speculate at this point.

Anyway, I am.  Recovering.  Dire car news is less dire than I feared.  The car repair to have a working car is not good--timing chain (it did not break, yay! but it and all its little timing chain accessories had to be replaced.)  Timing chain stuff is expensive.  The labor just to get to them and then get back out is much of the problem.  There's an old water pump along the way.  We're having that replaced too, since the DeathMobile is going to be our primary car.  

The car needs a new name.  It no longer smells like dead mouse.  I'm thinking the Cavalry, since it's coming to our rescue.  And it needs its registration renewed.  It's still insured, so no fuss with that.  Just have to get it home.  They guesstimated that would be sometime today.

My head hurts less, and my appetite has improved.  No neck pain, not much soreness, though I did discover that I hit my shoulder and elbow.  Didn't notice at the time.  Weirdly, I'm still dizzy (probably that low blood pressure) and I'm afraid to exercise.  I know, it's early, but I really do love to run.  It had been so long, and to have the accident so soon after my very first run in years ... there's no correlation in my mind as far as running caused the accident or whatever.  The fear stems from this dizziness.  What is my body telling me?  Is it saying you're getting better, you're fine so it's time to have some fun running by the river and you'll perk right up, or is it saying stuff is still wrong, you need to rest and if you push it you'll pass out?

I don't know.  If I know what's up inside me I can judge what to do.  I don't know what's causing the low blood pressure, and I don't know how far my head injuries go.  They could be just skin and a few blood vessels, or it could be something minor inside that might become a more serious problem if I push it.  I guess I just have to err on the side of caution.

My running shoes and the dog leash are by the door, waiting.  I miss them.


Steve Perry said...

Go with the "rest" notion. A few days not-running is easy to fix; falling over with orthostatic hypotension even if it's just temporary and smacking your face into the dirt isn't worth the aerobic benefits.

How low BP are we talking about?

Melissa said...

Rest dear Kami, please....

You are going to get plenty of exercise early next week!

Kami said...

My blood pressure isn't too bad, but my body is definitely not used to it. My average is about 110/70, and at the moment I'm about 98/62. I think sometimes it's up in my normal range. I can always feel it when it's down in the lower regions--that slightly unfocused, woozy feeling comes over me and I have to be careful and constantly monitor to make sure I can put myself in a safe situation if everything starts to spin or twist sideways.

I hope I'll get at least some exercise next week! :-)

Deborah Ross said...

[[Kami]] = Kami being hugged by Deborah.

We have similar BP readings and reactions to trauma. My BP goes down under stress, and somewhere around 90/60 I don't feel too good. (That is not, btw, worrisomely low; some patients at the cardiology office tolerate it just fine.) Some things that help me:

REST (as Steve said -- Hi Steve). Sleep as much as you can. Rest means lying flat, not sitting quietly.

DRINK, meaning water or whatever tastes good, not alcohol or caffeine. If you have a taste for salt, indulge it moderately. Eat really well to give your body what it needs to rebuild.

MUSIC can help some of the exercise withdrawal ya-yas, I think because it helps you to feel energy flowing through you. Plus, for me, it makes it easier to lie there and drift.

Kami said...

Hi Deborah! [[Deborah]]

Hmm. Lying flat. You know me--this will be tough to do, especially since I'm prepping the house for a very special homecoming. But now that I know I ought to do more of that, I will put it on my to do, or rather, to do not, list. :-) More frequent breaks, and I'll take them lying down.

I'm already off even tiny amounts of alcohol until I'm better. I was in a wine lull anyway--I didn't open a bottle of wine the week before the accident for some reason, just out of the mood for wine with dinner I guess--so I'm just continuing my trend, though naturally lately I've been really in the mood for gewurztraminer. Naturally! And I can't have caffeine away, so I'm good there. More water--check. Maybe I'll start carrying around a water bottle again like when I was pregnant as a constant reminder.

A prescription for music sounds awesome.

Thanks for the suggestions. I think I'll go lie down now, listen to music, and drink water before I finish cleaning the dining room. I'm so excited that my DH is coming home!!