Monday, May 03, 2010

Big *ss Clutter

Clearing out big *ss clutter takes strength, flexibility, willpower, and kittehs

I've been doing de-cluttering/clearing-type housework, and I've also started sorting through my Estrogenfest stuff between bouts of writing. If you're on Facebook and you've friended me, you can go take a look at a small sample of pics I took. I didn't post any pics of people I knew that showed faces, which really limited things.

My non-writing goal for the week--sell the no go, er, I mean the Nova. It's not running, so I'm pretty much pricing places that will salvage it. If you're a huge fan of Chevy cars and the idea of a 1987 Chevy Nova being sold for parts breaks your heart, speak up now! We simply don't have the money to keep four cars running, especially when three of them have problems. (The Bruiser and the blue Nissan both need tuneups at bare minimum right now--they're probably running rough for other reasons that I'm dreading to learn about. The Nova has been sitting so long that it'll need its gas tank devarnished in addition to whatever made it stop running on our hill way back when.)

Also, if anyone wants a big piece of walk-behind farm equipment (it has a PTO and more attachments than I can shake a stick at,) let's talk. I'll be cleaning it up and getting into selling condition as one of my summer projects unless someone is willing to pick it up as-is.

I'll also be looking into recycling a couple of non-working lawnmowers. If you love fixing up lawnmowers, speak up! They'll be gone as soon as I can arrange it.

And so goes the ongoing decluttering/reorganization that seems to be an ongoing part of living out in the country. I think we must have a stuff magnet somewhere in our barn or garage or something. I keep finding things that I have a dim or no memory of acquiring. Yikes. It'll be awesome when it's all gone.


The Moody Minstrel said...

Cleaning up the ashes of mechanical entropy...

Hey, that sounds like a good title for an album!

Kami said...

Woo hoo! Does that mean you're going to be producing another album soon?