Thursday, May 20, 2010

HoG Synopsis

I'm working on a synopsis for House of Goats.

These things are not easy to write. This is especially annoying to someone who has honed their writing craft for a long time, because they're used to getting into a flow and concerning themselves more with what to right rather than how to write, if that makes sense.

I believe this difficulty happens because the synopsis form is an art in-and-of-itself. Just because you can write news articles really well, it doesn't mean that you can write poetry. Likewise, even if you can write really good fiction, it doesn't mean you can write a decent synopsis.

I don't mean that some people can never write poetry or never write synopses or what have you. I'm just saying that each writing form (and there are a lot of forms out there) is its own animal and you'll need some practice riding it before you can compete in a rodeo.

Most writers have far less practice at writing synopses than they do other writing forms, and they struggle. I fit into this category, so I'm struggling. But the synopsis is coming along. Or I should say, as I type each new version they're getting a little better, and eventually I'll have this thing as good as I can get it at this point in my life.

I'll be soooo happy when it's done, because then I can get back to the kind of writing I love.

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