Sunday, May 23, 2010

Frightful weather; please, don't let it snow!

We've been sitting through storm after storm around here, with temperatures well below normal for our region for this time of year.  Now I'm especially glad that I didn't put out any tomatoes, except the two sacrificial ones of course.  Those two are doing okay, but after a few days of clear growth they've stalled out.  I would huddle for warmth myself if I were them.  I mean, seriously.  We've been running the heat in the house during a time of year when I normally air out the house with all windows and doors wide open in the middle of the day.  The thought of doing that right now sends additional chills up my already shivery spine.

The sunflowers I planted are still keeping their heads down too.  I don't think that we'll see them for another week (they germinate in 7-14 days) the way things are going.

So much for an extra long growing year this year.  And it started out looking so promising, too!  The notes in my gardening notebook are starting to take a definite grim tone.  But not all is doom and gloom.  The fava beans are doing really, really well.  They appear to be enjoying the cool weather, and are blooming like crazy.

In writing news, I sent out House of Goats.  Wish me luck!

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