Sunday, January 20, 2008

Driving My Big Hunkaroo, plus yuckies

It's been a quiet weekend, full of sleeping in, some writing, a great writer meeting/lunch with Ris, and hatching plans to bathe the puppies and get the Nissan fixed.

What, I haven't mentioned that my car, fresh from the shop, went kaput again?  Believe it.  I've had people tell me it might be a strut or a shock.  All I know is that the driver's side rear corner dropped several inches.  The tire still has plenty of clearance, but considering I heard a couple of bangs the last time I drove it (I pulled over and couldn't figure out what was wrong, so I just took her home) I'm pretty sure it's not terrifically safe to drive.  So I'm truckin' around for now.  I love the truck.  It's so manly and rugged and scarred up.  As we all know, chicks dig scars.  The only thing I don't love is the gas mileage.  Thank goodness it takes unleaded and doesn't insist on beer or whiskey.

No single malt for you.

I'm taking the Nissan to Les Schwab in the hopes that it's something simple that they can deal with.  It's close, and it'll probably be less expensive than going to the mechanic.  Failing that, it's a shorter distance to have it towed from there to Vancouver than from my place.  Now I just have to get it down the hill safely.  Think safe driving thoughts on Thursday for me.

In other physical news, I've had my girly check up and everything looks great.  I passed all my tests, including a retest of my blood counts (though my red blood cell count is still low on the normal scale.)  I didn't even have to study!  They're going to try to reduce my icky girly pain and slow the massive outflow of precious red stuff, which would be great and will probably take care of my anemia, or at least mitigate it.  I have another general exam tomorrow, and my very first mammogram at the end of the month, and an ultrasound in February, and I should be good for tests until they decide they need to take a peek at my colon.  Really not looking forward to any of these tests, but hey, they're better than unpleasant surprises.  


Carissa said...

Boo on broken Nissan. Good luck getting it fixed.

Yay on good test results.

Big yay on our Reven progress!! Huzzah huzzah huzzah!

Kami said...

Passed yet another exam. Woot! So now I just have the mammogram, the ultrasound and then I'm all done for, wow, about ten years. I'll still go in for flu shots and I guess I'll have two or three paps in that time. But still. Now I have to just rally the courage to go to the dentist. I hate going to the dentist. Hate it.

I revised the first chapter on Reven last night. Now I get to do some deep thinking on the next Nosh one while the revision percolates like iridescent coffee.