Monday, January 21, 2008

Four Dog Night

It's that time of year again when the dogs get to come inside due to inclement weather.  Nikita wants to go back out.  Beast has settled in for a nice nap.  The puppies want to escape into the main part of the house and play.  Because the barriers aren't steel I-beams and ferrous concrete, the puppies in particular could easily burst through.  I'm hoping that my force of will dissuades them from trying, even when I'm asleep.  If I hear a crash in the middle of the night and exuberant galloping, my backup is to have the bathroom ready and herd them all in there.  

I'm sure I'll have Nikita messes to clean up in the morning.  That's okay.  The others might be fine outside snuggled together in the doghouse, but she of all of them might suffer a cold injury or even die, because she gets into these stubborn fits where she doesn't want to go into the doghouse.  I watched her for several hours tonight, and it seemed tonight of all nights she was particularly reluctant to house herself.  

Right now it's easier to take the outside stairs than disassemble the internal barrier.  This is going to be interesting in the morning when, in pjs, fuzzy slippers and robe, I go get the kids out of bed for school.  I think I'll just set my alarm extra early, shower and get dressed before my morning tea.  I haven't done that in a long time, and it sounds ... good.  Wow.  Really?  Heh.  Guess I'd better get to it and get some sleep.  Sweet doggie dreams, everyone.

I'll be dreaming of my love.

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