Tuesday, January 29, 2008


The snow is coming down fast in big flakes, not white out  conditions but still remarkable.  It's gorgeous.  I'm glad Rory got home before it started coming down this hard.  

The giant snow ogre was leaning this morning, and by late morning he finally toppled, poor thing.  Well, with the fresh snow we might roll him back together or just making him into something new.

Ugh, I'm in major girl pain right now, but hopefully for the last time.  I start my new treatment at the end of the week.  If it works, I'll be so happy!  If not, we have another easy option.  It's normally a $500 day 'surgery' but with our insurance it will cost all of $5.  I can hardly wait to feel some results.  I'm sure my blood count will be thankful too.  Which reminds me, I haven't taken my iron pill today.  Yuck.  Isn't there a form I can submit that takes me off the reproductive cycle?  I don't plan on having any more children.  Really.  See the sincerity on my pain-tightened face?


Kai Jones said...

Oh, yes, I wish menopause was "opt-in" instead of "wait your turn."

Kami said...

At least at my last appointment they have (largely, not completely) ruled out endometriosis. I'm going to have an ultrasound pretty soon to check for fibroids, but if I have any of those they're probably going to be pretty small since she couldn't feel anything abnormal. Of course she could have missed something, but she's competent and I trust her opinion. Looks like I'm normal, just on the heavy side of normal as far as blood loss and they're going to do their best to fix that. At last, I have a chance to wean myself off of regular use of double doses of ibuprofen, hopefully build my blood count back up, and not have to call in to work on days when I can't be farther than 30 feet from a toilet.

I have to count my blessings, though. I know some women have the endless period and/or headaches and/or really bad nausea and/or (name your symptom) and some of those women haven't had a chance to reproduce yet and want to. That's a lot of suffering for a 'normal' bodily process.

Kai Jones said...

My issue right now is unpredictability. Cycles anywhere from 20 days to 60, with no apparent pattern and the usual signals not accurately foretelling.

Kami said...

That's how I was from the beginning into my college years, so I have a base of experience that helps me understand some of the annoyance and inconvenience that comes from that. I still carry supplies with me everywhere I go--in my purse, in the trunk of the car, in my locker at work, etc. even though these days I'm very predictable.