Monday, January 07, 2008

A little bit more snow

It nicely snowed for us this morning.  The kids have a two hour late start to school.  Commuter traffic is puttering down the hill at about 30 mph.  As often as not, I hear the drone of cables or the rattle of chains when cars and trucks go by.  It started snowing about an hour before midnight last night and I half-expected it to be all melted by morning.  Not so.  So the bird feeder will need filling as the hoards will once again go on a seed-pecking rush.  I have the cell phone by me as Rory will call me from work to tell me what the road conditions are.  I'm driving the PU and can put it in 4 wheel drive, but I'm not going to fuss with trying to get into work on time if the snow is all the way to the bottom of the hill.  Those curves--it's not worth mucking up my vehicle or risking injury for my job.  If I had to guess, though, looking at the road from the house, it looks okay.

Surprisingly, I haven't heard the manic snow plow man or the sand truck yet this morning.  Or maybe I just missed it.

It would have been nice to have a pajama and housecleaning day, maybe get dressed just to build a snowman, but I only work two days this week.  Shock of all shocks, I only work today and Saturday.  Today we have snow, and Saturday there's both a Lucky Labs meeting and an OryCon meeting.  I wonder what bones my boss rolled to determine what days I should work this week.  I need to swap them out for a new set.

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