Thursday, March 06, 2008

Bird brained

Cloudy weather kept me in.  Normally I ignore clouds and go garden anyway, but I had some projects to work on inside and the clouds were a handy excuse.  "I'll just wait until they burn off," I told myself.  Well, the sun only managed to burn a few holes here and there.  The clouds remained.  
When we got that smidge of sun I snuck out and parked myself on the ground near the bird feeders in three different spots, trying to catch a pic of a new visitor.  The yellow-faced bird visited very briefly yesterday and promptly vanished before I could get a solid enough look to ID it.  Poopy bird.  It didn't return today but I got pics of most of our usual suspects.

Oregon junco, red-breasted nuthatch, house finch, Steller's jay, spotted towhee, black-capped chickadee.

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