Saturday, March 15, 2008

Weird Things

I started to gripe about a coworker because I felt like I had to carry her today, but I decided that eh, there are much more fun things to write about.

Like, Six Weird Things About Me.  I won't be able to beat Josephine's six, but that's not the point of the exercise.  Speaking of exercise, I went working out again today after work.  It's not a habit yet, but my body is remembering the drudgery, er, I mean, the joys of workout.  Without consciously deciding to do so, instead of going home right after doing my aerobic thang, I went to lift weights.  Which starts me with:

1.  I used to be a dedicated weight lifter.  My broad shoulders aren't all natural in the sense that they aren't just genetic.  Once you put that width onto your frame, it tends to stay though it can get flabby.  Just like big biceps and triceps, if not maintained, will simply turn into a grotty set of prayer flags.  Over time, if not used, my shoulders will bow.

2.  I love to fish.  It's probably no surprise that I don't mind baiting hooks with worms and whatnot, and that I don't mind braining a fish on a rock or with a stick.  I'm sure it's very understandable that I enjoy spending hours by rivers and lakes with nothing to mind but a fishing rod despite the fact that I'm normally chatty and gregarious, but not very many women outside my family fish, at least as far as I know.  Hmm.  Closet fisherwomen?  There's an image for ya.

3.  I used to get paid (handsomely I might add) to sit naked in a room with artists.  I later expanded to having naked pictures taken of me.  It's a combination of I don't care if people see me naked (unless it makes them uncomfortable) and gee, people need naked people for some stuff, like life drawing, and they have trouble finding models.  It's a match made in somewhere, but probably not the Christian heaven.  Maybe other heavens.  I bet there are lots of naked heavens.

4.  Apparently I'm a freak with numbers.  I can remember a large list of account numbers, passwords, phone numbers, physics constants and the like.  I have a limited (large) capacity, though.  When I forget a number, I can remember a new one.  If I had no control over this it could get even more weird, like remembering the next license plate I see, but thankfully it does take a little front work to remember a number.  I have some extra space at the moment because I don't need phone numbers anymore and misuse has me forgetting some of my older ones (but not the one from our last house which is now six years out of date.)

5.  People have trouble pronouncing my favorite food in the whole world, and most of them don't like it when they try it.  I don't have the right accents to spell it out here.  It's fresh fruit wrapped in dough that's then boiled for a few minutes and served with either:  cottage cheese, melted butter and a sprinkling of sugar -or- bread crumbs sauteed in butter and then mixed with sugar -or- poppy seeds and sugar.  When I was a kid I only liked the cottage cheese topping, but then I started liking the bread crumbs a lot as well.  My tastes haven't changed enough to accept the poppy seed topping, and may never change enough because despite being a full-blooded Czech, I don't enjoy beer except when I'm in a weird mood.  The connection between the two is the bitterness.  The not liking beer in and of itself is weird--a Czech who doesn't like beer.  It's sort of like a fish that doesn't like water.  Hey, I'm a lungfish!

6.  (Husband sneaking in) I can't even describe this.  If you go to any gathering and sit quietly in a corner, people will start moving towards Kami.  It sometimes takes an hour or two, but even in a large group of complete strangers she will become the center of a mass of happy, relaxed people who just seem content to be in her presence.  I've seen her do this with writers, with fans, with martial artists and with cops.  If we could put what she does in the water supply, peace would prevail on earth.  That's weird.


Interrupting Gelastic Jew said...

While I love you dearly, Kami, that last one doesn't fit for me. I'm still trying too hard to impress you.

It's Rory that relaxes me; I don't feel the need to be somebody else so he'll like me.

All of which is more about me than either of you.

The Moody Minstrel said...

No, the last one definitely fits. I saw it in action back in our college days. I think she has a special sort of gravity, or maybe anti-dark energy, that draws the crowd her way. Of course, it only seems to affect certain kinds of people, so maybe it's a psychic wavelength thing.

Kami said...

I hope I don't make you feel too uncomfortable, Kai!

As a side note, I have heard that I intimidate people sometimes. I find that curious. Maybe they mistake my vapid stare for something unfeeling ...? I hope I don't come off as mean.

Interrupting Gelastic Jew said...

No, you don't read as mean, nor do I find you intimidating. It's something else; I'm working on figuring it out, as this was the first time I'd recognized it.