Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Muddle Headed Fuddle Duddle

I've been writing like a maniac these past few days.  Between bouts of housework and taking care of the animals while the rest of the family visited relatives in Redmond (they're due back today, yay!) I've been in alternate realities of my own making.  

Pardon me while I philosophize for a bit.

You'd think if someone went through the trouble of creating an alternate reality they'd make it as comfortable and beautiful as possible.  Well, my realities aren't much fun, though they have their gardens and their romps and parties and joyful moments.  Playing deity in my imaginary places has taught me quite a bit about what a constructed/created universe might look like if a monkey-like intelligence was in charge.  I don't think it's a good argument that we have a world of suffering, etc. because that's the way a mighty super-intelligence of unimaginable power wanted it, though.  If anything, the finger we want to point toward Who/What's responsible for all this points back at ourselves, and through us to the whole of the world.

Like ants, bees, grass, birds, etc. we change our environment in order to suit us.  The pieces of this world have been made, not by us alone but by everything on it, into a quilted arena where we all fight it out and try to make the best of the chunk we have.  If you take out the fight (or pretend that you've taken out the fight) I think you run the danger of removing the purpose of life itself.   Thrash about with that for awhile.  Why are we all here?  Because we were made, because we were born, because we evolved.  While we're here competing for resources and changing stretches of ground that several generations of ants worked so hard to make into a perfectly good place for themselves, we fight and strive.  When we're no longer here, the world is something a little bit less and the only remedy is for something else to take our place and fight for itself.  If  there's a lesson here it would be to make sure that what you're building/creating/fighting for is what you really want, and that how you build/create/fight for it will give you the result you expect.  There's another lesson.  Often people ask, what's the point?  I guess my semi-zen answer is, let's sit and have tea in my garden and after let's go to the museum.  Want to sleep out under the stars tonight?

Now, back to the stress and strife of an imaginary life, and a little more housework.  My environment isn't how I like it so I'm going to spend some time rearranging things just like the flickers in my yard.  They're looking for nesting materials and it's such a pain to find just the right stuff and get it organized into something habitable.

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