Saturday, May 24, 2008

Llama Trials

The doc said I'd get worse before I'd get better.  Man, he must be psychic.
My voice is still shot.  My temperature is going up, not down.  I'm getting a few little red rashy spots.  I'm the picture of yuckiness.  But, as bad as I feel, I'm still not as bad as I was with the dread flu when we came back from Victoria a couple of years back.  Anyway, I can still dance the dance of sickness superiority (I think) because my temp hasn't even gotten close to the temps the boy and the man got when they got sick, aaaaand I have a productive cough.

(Oooo!  Ahhh!)

Yes, it's true, the boy and the man can't seem to manage a productive cough, while the girl and I are practicing for the llama spitting trials later this year.

Well, I guess I'd better get back to full time suffering.  Be well out there!


Kai Jones said...

What you have sounds like what we had about 2 months ago; right now we have/had a mild virus whose main symptoms are low fever and exhaustion. Plus my shoulder is messed up, waiting to hear from the doc about the x-ray.

Kami said...

The stuff keeps going around. I hope we don't get anymore. I've been enjoying a nice long winter without any ill health. I thought I might make some sort of record, maybe even a whole year without getting sick, but it was not to be.

I hope you feel better soon! Especially the shoulder. Viruses come and go, but shoulder injuries have this bad habit of hanging around.

Carissa said...

I hope health descends on you all very soon!

Kami said...

Me too! Although I tire out easily today I feel more 'normal' and I'm able to do things like laundry. It was a little creepy having to take a rest after vacuuming the living room in order to gather the strength to take a shower.