Friday, May 02, 2008

A couple of notes

Sorry about the pic quality.  Taking photos through our hazy side windows is chancy at best.  
As you can see, the goldfinches have arrived in force, much to the disappointment of the lone pair that had been sharing the feeders only with pine siskins until now.  With the arrival of the mourning doves, I think this is easily the most diversity of birds we've had at the property since we've moved here.  

Katherine is back from the vet.  She's recovering, doing all the things she's not supposed to do like jumping, but in moderation.  We have her holed up in the master bedroom until she's healed up a bit more before we reintroduce her to Wizard's playfulness and Huntress' bitter hatred, seeing as this could lead to forbidden activities like running.  Also, we don't want her to be tempted to hop (or attempt to hop) onto the kitchen counter for food.  She has a food bowl and water on the floor just for her, a non-top-entry catbox (love those things!) and the scratchpost sleeper that's not tall enough for her to stretch on (and also makes a handy step up to the bed so she doesn't have to jump on the bed.) 

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