Monday, May 26, 2008

I didn't get into details about the storm the other day because I was feeling so yucky.  I'm still feeling pretty yucky, but better.  I'm not looking forward to sleeping tonight as last night I woke up in a nasty sweat.  Sleep came in brief snatches after that as I shivered, sweated, shivered some more, slept fitfully, and sweated even more.  I put on a long sleeve shirt and kept a towel on hand to mop up after myself.  I'd say it's an impending chrone thing, but I'm just a tad bit too young (not by too terribly much, but not within the standard age range for my family) and also I had someone ahead of me with the same illness go through the same thing.  He sweated for four nights.  Man, I hope it doesn't take four nights for me to get done with it.

Anyway, the storm:

Dove gray skies, distant sounds of thunder
Silver boiling into black
Standing on the deck 
Eyes reflect jagged bolts that span miles
Funnel cloud orange skies to the west
Rain, light, then pouring, then dumping
It doesn't rain here like this
But it does
Then hail comes
A step back
Heavy hail, thunder hail
The storm is overhead
Trees sway, branches snap
Leaves shred
Dogs running, whining, howling, eyes wild
A rescue is launched into the storm
Prying up deck boards
A trapped white dog scrabbles to freedom
Dogs in the house, running, trembling
Wet animal hair and the scent of a fresh clearcut
Spruce, maple, shattered flowers
Hanging baskets sway, filled with white
No birds, no life, no sound but storm
Hail spills like river rock onto skin and bone
Salvage all we can, all we think to salvage
Fill a glass again and again with hail and whiskey
The thunder and hail pound music on the world
Until, softly
The rain comes again, softly
Thunder, long thunder
Rumbles into the night, a long goodbye
The black and gold caravan rolls into the distance and is gone.

I started to make a list and it got kinda poetic on me.  Please excuse the amateur.  

Time to settle down, I think.  I hope I don't sweat for hours again tonight.

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