Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Electric Barbarella and Doc Savage

I'm going to be hostess for a party for the Reno 2011 Worldcon Bid at Radcon.  If you're going to be at Radcon, please drop on by.  No, I don't know our room # yet, but we'll post it around the con and I know it'll be Saturday night, so look for us, okay?

I'm practicing making Electric Barbarellas, which can be layered or mixed.  I prefer them mixed, but the layered drink looks waaaaay kewl.  I made it up with help from my friends.  Here it is sans proportions but I suggest that you keep the layers to more of a direction of a pony shot rather than a full shot because they're all sweet.  You want color and just enough to savor without getting sick of it.  Too much is not a good thing.  Fix in a tall and narrow glass, such as an extra tall skinny shot glass or, if you really want the full effect, a tall very narrow champagne flute like the open-stemmed kind.

Electric Barbarella
1/2 midori, 1/2 ice cold water and a splash of coconut rum

Pour the blue curacao straight in.  Using a spoon or a knife to slow the flow, carefully trickle in the hpnotiq.  The hpnotiq will mix a little bit in with the blue curacao, and will compress into a thinner layer when you pour the last stuff on.  Mix the midori, water and rum in a container that pours readily without spilling when you trickle it.  Test out your container with water before you mix and pour into your glass!  A small measuring cup should work well.  Shot glasses (ahem) don't work at all.  Trickle the mixture in very carefully, making sure that your spoon or knife doesn't touch the surface of the hpnotiq.  

This is a very beautiful drink, but it actually tastes much better as a mixed drink.  Shake with ice or just stir together at room temperature, leaving a thin layer of blue curacao at the bottom.  Yum!

Our Doc Savage is just tequila and tonic water.  For some reason bars don't get it right--I think their tonic water isn't the right flavor.  Get a nice tonic water from the store that you like and make as you would a gin and tonic.

In addition to the heavy drinks we'll have a case of Fat Tire, some wine (I'll find some fun ones at Trader Joes and Costco) a star generator thingy, balloons, brochures, delicious goodies, music, and lots of blah blah blah.  

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C.S. said...

Layered drinks are so pretty!