Thursday, February 12, 2009


I'll be away from the blog for a few days.  Probably.  You know what a hopeless addict I am, especially when it comes to report good times.

Last year C.S. got a phone call letting her know that she got honorable mention for a story she submitted to the Writers and Illustrators of the Future contest.  We both squealed like crazy sorceresses broken out of Azkaban and had celebratory coconut rum.  I also got to be a panelist for my very first time ever, not just on one but many panels.  Ever since then I've thought of Radcon as a kind of lucky convention for INK.  I'm looking forward to this one a lot.

And yet, I'll miss the boy and the girl, morning chats with my DH, the dogs, the cats, the way the goats come out of the barn when I go out for a walk and meheheh insistently (this is especially wonderful after losing two so close together) and having such a big part of the day to write.  I'll miss my baths, and reading in the evening, and silly minor stuff like my yoga mat (no, I'm not taking it with me.)  And I'll worry.  The kids have plenty of food and people to call if they need something, but ... I'm a mom.

I'll be back right quick, and happily settle back into my routine.  In the meantime I'll appreciate my working vacation, meet and greet, shake hands, kiss babies, and maybe we'll hear some good news at our lucky con!  If I can keep it all in my head, I'll post my usual reports on the panels when I can.

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