Wednesday, February 11, 2009

A Kami's Tale

As part of the 101 program being run by Steven Barnes,  (and his partner) I have an assignment to write a child's story about my life.  Here goes:

Long ago in a city of artists and engineers, a little girl named Kami was born.  Her parents packed up Kami and ran away from invading poopyheads to the New World, where they raised Kami to be an artist and engineer.  But Kami went her own way when she went to university, though she still loved art.  She met a New World knight and they married and had children.

Kami raised the children and read many books and gardened and took care of their many animals, but most of all Kami loved to write.  She wrote about the air, and the earth, men and women, and she wrote about dreams and dragons.  At first she wrote what most writers wrote and made all the mistakes all beginning writers make, but then she met a group of writers who showed her how to write from her soul and taught her how to find and fix her mistakes.  Although Kami loved her children and home and working with the writers, she was sad because her knight was forced to be away from home so often on quests.  Without the knight's quests, for which he was paid to save villages from dragons and night unicorns, their family would starve.

One day, when she thought they were good enough, Kami sent her stories to a counselor to the Prince of Arts.  The counselor loved the stories so much that he arranged an audience with the prince to show him the stories.  The Prince loved the stories so much he decided that he had to have them in his library, and that all his citizens ought to have a chance to read and talk about her stories.  He wanted more stories.  The counselor, knowing about Kami being sad about her knight being away, told the prince that Kami might be willing to write more stories if she was on retainer.  The prince thought this was a splendid idea.  When Kami got the news she almost fainted!  She wrote a letter to her knight, who dashed home right away.

Soon everyone from miles around had read the stories, and Kami's knight was able to retire.  They traveled the world and wrote stories separately and together, until one day they disappeared.  The prince sent out his men at arms to search the wide world, but they were never found.  Some say they went to the stars, and send stories to their children and grandchildren and great grandchildren in their dreams.


Rory said...

You forgot the part about you being a Princess and the sole reason for the creation of the universe.

Melissa said...

Aw, man you guys are too much!

Love and hugs.