Saturday, January 30, 2010

Another Writerly Day

Just a quick post to say that I'm writing like crazy, and that Veronica is doing great.

The House of Goats project is really ripping along. I wrote about 10,000 words yesterday and the prior evening. Don't know how many of those words I'll keep, but I'm encouraged that the writing and revision of this book will be swift and full of awesome.

I've also, as of yesterday, got twenty two short stories floating around out in the big, wide world. With a bit of luck, someone will love one (or more!) of them enough to want to put them in print.

On the gardening front, I sprouted (inside, in a jar) a few snow peas and fava beans. The soil temperature is most likely going to be too cold for them to do much but shiver after I've planted them, but if not, that'll be a nice head start to the year. The danger of frost is still very high, but both of these species are cold-tolerant plants. They may survive a bit of nippiness. If they get frost-killed, I'll have only lost a few cents worth of seeds. But if they survive ... mwa ha ha! I'll have a potential for a very early harvest.

I'll be sprouting another group in about two weeks, onward through March, at which point I'll be able to start more than these two plants that laugh in the face of bitter cold. Those plants will probably stay inside until April or June, though.

I think I like early gardening. It's kinda fun, like gambling with food.

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